Men–s Fashion men–s linen suits mix and choice

Even before the summer, the surface temperature of linen clothing, clothing materials is lower than the other two degrees, so flax is a very suitable for summer wear material. Plus linen is not easy to be sucked in the body, light and breathable, even everyday wear lords sweaty, sticky, and will not stink.
You can say that mens linen suits has always been one of linen quality in the spring and summer favorite choice of designer clothing material, men–s fashion for men in the spring and summer terms and if you have the opportunity to attend more formal occasions, a good texture of linen suit – linen suit can be said to be the most classic this season, also most men can bring elegance styling options.
This photo from London by SEH Kelly for 2012 spring and summer launch of Lancashire (Lancashire) Material white casual linen suits, men–s jacket , lightweight material with horn button, tapered pants cut to show the maturity of men Parkside chic sense, is one worth considering suits you purchased this summer.
There are some inherent advantages of flax material suitable for the summer is that it–s moisture absorption and permeability, men with even in summer wear will not be because of sweat produced sweltering, but most people do not love it because it is very easy to flax material After cleaning becomes wrinkled. So when you fall in love with linen garments should pay attention to the cleaning and ironing these two priorities.
Understanding linen material Cleaning: The key lies in the maintenance of linen clothing washing and ironing. When the water temperature should be controlled washing below 35 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, it is possible to use a washing machine to wash. And some mild detergent should be used, rather than using the net, such as efficient detergent collar. Special attention is required not to make linen cloth exposed to acidic substances, because the flax plant fiber itself, is very sensitive to acidic; acidic devastating plant fibers, it is easy to burn the clothes.
Ironing linen garments: When ironing skills to master is mainly temperature. Temperature should be controlled at between 200 to 230 degrees Celsius, and preferably semi ironing clothes when ironing out the effect so ideal. After ironing linen, fresh and elegant style itself naturally highlights out.

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