Democracy: The Austrian Way

In this issue, you will find

“The Eternal President” p.18, Melange, Margaret Childs
Former President Heinz Fischer has kept busy since leaving office in July 2016. Despite the current populist wave, Heinz Fischer told METROPOLE’s Margaret Childs he sees the future optimistically. In January, he founded the Center for Global Citizens with former UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, and in 2018 you can find him at events, readings, concerts and publications in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Austrian Republic.

“The Consensus Machine” p 26, Cover Story, Margaret Childs and Benjamin Wolf
Austrian politics is complicated, and in many ways, typically Austrian. Built on consensus, compromise and feedback from many stakeholders, the Austrian system of government has endured far greater swings on the political pendulum. Over decades, change happens slowly, and extreme rhetorical positions are softened through compromise before becoming law.

“How to Get Involved in Politics in Austria” p 38, How To, Andrew Standen-Raz
If you aren’t allowed to vote, how can you affect change in the country where you live? Andrew Standen-Raz outlines how to get involved locally for causes you’re passionate about. EU citizens may be surprised to learn you can vote and even run for office on a district level in Vienna.

“Empire to the Republic” p 54, Benjamin Wolf
An introduction to a new METROPOLE series, Empire to Republic will look at the 10 nations that emerged from the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 100 years ago. Every month, read the history and follow the unique transformation of one of the ten countries that were once a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Quotes from the issue

“A century after the founding of the First Republic, we want to reinvigorate Austria’s awareness that democracy and its inherent values are not self-evident. Democracy must be continually worked on.” Monika Sommer, Director, Haus der Geschichte Österreich p. 36, Profile

“Parliamentarism is truly on of humanity’s great inventions, up there with the wheel, electricity and light bulb — our way of ensuring that conflicts won’t be dealt with on the streets with blows and punches, but on these wooden benches, with words, votes and convictions.” Lukas Mandl, Austria’s youngest MEP and advocate of personalising the election process. p. 31, Cover Story

“Austrian smokers have won the battle. And even if the war isn’t over yet, at least for tonight, all’s well in their nicotine-filled world. ” Andreas Rainer, p. 14, Opinion: Smoking: Freedom worth dying for?

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